Gimbal FAQs – Everything you want to know about a Gimbal

Gimbal FAQs – Everything you want to know about a Gimbal

Gimbals are the advanced camera accessory that is been grabbing the eyeballs of Photography enthusiast, Gimbal is a device that can control ay shakes that you make on your camera while shooting any footage. Gimbal is the advanced version of a tripod, you can also keep it fixed or hold it in your hands and take smooth professional moving shots, all you need to do is balance your camera in the gimbal and it will balance itself when you shake.

Gimbals FAQs

Gimbal FAQs

Q1. Can gimbal replace a Tripod?

Ans. If you are looking for only the Work to be done in a more efficient way for Moving Shots, then undoubtedly Gimbal is the best choice and it can sure replace a tripod, But if you are looking for a standstill shooting of hours, Holding the gimbal in hand for lot of time can cause pain in your hands, you might want to put it down on 3 legs. And additionally tripods are just the 10% investment of a gimbal, You can opt to have both tripod and gimbal with you and use them according to the need of shoot you have.

Q2. Is it hard to balance a camera on Gimbal?

Ans. i don’t believe that its a hard task at all, Its just about learning for once on How to Balance the camera so that it doesn’t move when shaking in any axis, And when you buy the Gimbal, a proper guide is given with them to balance the camera without any problem. All you have to do is invest 10 minutes in understanding it and you wont face any problem.

Q3. What are Gimbals Used For?

Gimbals are used for capturing footages without any shakes, and take moving shots in your DSLR or mobile phones smoothly like a professional. If you are leaning photography, Gimbal can make a huge difference in your output video.

Q4. How to Select the best gimbal for myself?

Selecting a gimbal can be a hectic task, If you want an answer for this in detail you can read the guide by Timmodelmakers on best gimbal for DSLR, and in short first decide a Budget you want to spend on the gimbal, and after that Go with a 3 axis Stabilizers, they are always better.

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